EU Referendum: a list of useful sources

I have been writing a lot about the EU referendum. During the course of doing so, I’ve realised that there is no obvious place that brings together many of the main statements and positions on either side of the referendum debate. This is therefore a “live” list, to which I will add interesting and useful sources as they appear. It will be useful for me to consult from time to time, and hopefully others might find it helpful too.

Feel free to suggest additions in the comments.

Take me to…

Neutral places to start

Neutral fact-checking and myth-busting

Relevant research by non-partisan/neutral think tanks and institutions

The Remain campaign

Campaign resources

The official lobbying group chosen by the Electoral Commission to lead the Remain side is called “Britain Stronger in Europe”. It is often referred to as “StrongerIn”. Its executive director is Will Straw and its chairman is Sir Stuart Rose.

Statements by prominent politicians and the government

Groups and statements in favour of Remain

Scientists for EU also has a longer list of such groups here.

Other resources

InFacts is a prominent organization aiming to make the pro-Remain case without resorting to “inaccuracies and twisted logic”. Anyone wanting to see the best arguments the pro-EU campaign has to offer should read their website. It even includes a list of mistakes and errors made by Remain campaigners, ‘In’s Sins‘.

British Influence is a pro-EU think tank arguing for a more active role for Britain in global affairs. Among other things it measures the UK’s clout at the EU bargaining table, producing a scorecard every year.

Chris Kendall has produced this helpful comparison of democratic accountability in the UK and the EU.

Professor Nicholas Barr, a leading academic at the London School of Economics, has produced a comprehensive article on why he is voting to Remain.

The Leave campaign

Campaign resources

The official lobbying group for the Leave campaign as selected by the Electoral Commission is Vote Leave. It is chaired by Labour MP Gisela Stuart, its Chief Executive is Matthew Elliott, and its Campaign Director is Dominic Cummings.

There is a competing campaign group called (Twitter, Facebook). It was set up by UKIP donor Arron Banks and backed by leader Nigel Farage. It incorporates the Grassroots Out Movement, which is backed by Labour MP Kate Hoey and former MP and London mayoral candidate George Galloway.

Statements by prominent politicians

Groups and statements in favour of Leave

You will notice that many of these have the same name formulation. This may be because they are official Vote Leave “outreach groups”. There is a list of all such groups on the Vote Leave website here.

The same website also lists further groups, including Economists for Britain and Historians for Britain, here. At present their Facebook pages are not functional.

Other resources

A particularly popular campaign resource for Leave is Brexit the Movie.

I have yet to find equivalent websites to those listed in this section for Remain. If you know of a fact-checking organization that is pro-Brexit, I will be delighted to add it here.


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