A Song for Saturday: Rae Morris – Skin

“Skin”, by Rae Morris, is a gorgeous, weary coo; a song that murmurs and flows like a river carving its way through soft sedimentary rock.

It’s the first track on the 23 year old’s debut album, Unguarded, released earlier this year; it’s also comfortably the best song on the record, which is something of a disappointment.

Although Morris’ voice is not much akin to Kate Bush’s, the confidence with which she gently unfolds the sounds on this cut is definitely reminiscent, as is the high-class, elegant, if somewhat self-consciously arty video, shot in monochrome and recalling “Running Up That Hill” in particular.

The tick tock of the music box at the beginning of this song may gradually be overtaken by increasingly authoritative piano and a drum track that ensures a constant sense of momentum, but it’s still there, buried deep in the mix. It creates the same feeling as I get from some of Bush’s work – the feeling that you have heard this somewhere before and that it was only necessary to jog your memory.


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