The Sunday Spotify: Ten Great Outros

I’m beginning a new series of weekend music posts to sit alongside the already well-established and highly-respected “Song for Saturday” tag. Each week on a Sunday I’ll publish a ten-song Spotify playlist around a specific theme, whether that’s to do with geography, style, band members, instrumentation or whatever else takes my fancy.

Today we start with a playlist inspired by my post on dEUS’ Instant Street last week. Having listened to the song back-to-back several times (as my library will attest), I began thinking about other songs with extended outros that completely change the feel of the track, arguably elevating it to some new plain, whether of beauty, intensity, or simple excellence.

Without further ado – here’s my list. It features some very long codas (such as Yes’ Starship Trooper) and some very short ones (Alison Gross, the song that rocks the hardest without drums you’ll ever have heard, and is ended by a sudden clash of discordant guitar that still sounds genuinely shocking, at least to my ears). It’s probably also the only playlist where RHCP’s Sir Psycho Sexy is preceded by Karma Police.

What did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


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